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The LORD shall send upon thee cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do, until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly; because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me. (Deu 28:20)

About Us

The OBRY Projekt is a title given to an idea. It is NOT an entity, a corporation, or anything that any government or oligarchy may regulate and control. Its an expression of the inspiration of Jon Machtemes. Jon, and various other men and women, at various times and in various ways, contribute to expanding the knowledge of those who seek to understand fundamental questions that we believe only the Bible has the concealed answers to.

We highly covet this information and the hard work we do; therefore

"the OBRY Projekt" and materials contained on this website are the intellectual property of, and/or are maintained and solely managed by Jonathan "Jon" Machtemes, (except in cases of links to or embedded works by credited others), which are freely shared herein. The materials contained on this site, or any and all works of the OBRY Projekt and/or Jonathan Machtemes may not be reproduced in full or in part without the express permission of Jonathan Machtemes.

Since 2017, we've been developing tools and inviting others to use them to come to a complete understanding of what the Scripture says. We have studied Hebrew, the history of how it is said the language has come to us, the Masorah, its machinations, biblical geography, doctrine, lexicography, and the very world around you and I to develop a more complete understanding of what the Bible really says, why it was altered, and by whom.

If everyone knows what the Bible says, why does nothing change for the better? There is a serious issue at hand: either the Bible is fraudulent or our understanding and practice of it is. We believe it is the latter. We believe no one from the Atheist to the Theist has enough good understanding of the challenges within our current Bibles to make any proper observations. This is something we want to solve and as soon as possible. If we are to believe OR disbelieve; argue OR agree; or, and in many cases, worse, we MUST know the text and how it's been manipulated. This is why we currently offer so many various materials and are continuing to develop more.

Understanding the Source

There are apologists, debates, polemics, and more heretic hunters than anyone could hope to keep track of. We didn't have time to hear every debate, understand every sectarian apologetic, or read plenty of books espousing every doctrine under the sun that are published yearly. We have jobs, families, and taxes. We had to go to and concentrate on the source: the Old Testament, or, more exactly, the language!

Language is an amazing tool. It's an auditory, visual, and/or written medium in which the intent of the producer is to convey, as precisely and succinctly as possible, an intent, thought, or action. The language is the message; and if the language has been mishandled or misunderstood, it can throw everything into a spin.

Therefore, we have been working tirelessly to understand the language of the so-called “Old Testament” in a complete way, as intended by its original author.

The OBRY Project is not men and women of reputation and letters. We don't have any qualms about admitting mistakes, revising, and relearning. We are those called to understand the Scripture outside of the oppressive nikkudot. We are simple but dedicated. We are the few who are coming closer to the language and true communication YEUE intended every day.

About the Founder

As of 2021, I have finished 2 1/2 years chemo: 4 1/2 months R-CHOP and 2 years Rituxan. It often made it all I could do just to study and produce materials. It has also been some time since I have done any work on the site. I hope that will be changing now.

Since 2015 I've been closely studying the Bible and in 2017 I began studying Biblical language and geography. Since then I have produced a number of papers/presentations, podcasts, interviews, and posts on these and other subjects. As most of our academics, intellectuals, and clergy  have let us down, I will do all I'm able to fill that gap they've created until we once again have a righteous nation filled with selfless men who love YEUE and the truth more than themselves.

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