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"For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of YEUE, to serve him with one consent." -Zephaniah 3:9

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Just What is obry?

It is the original look and understanding of the Law & Prophets

Is there anything to be gained from relearning obry?

The Bible‒77% of which is the so-called "Old Testament" (more properly - The Law and Prophets), is inexplicably linked to a great number of people‒certain specific people; more than any other. This people is regarded as highly dangerous by those ruling the world via secret slave systems. The rulers of the world have decided that no one‒not the real Israel-Judah, or anyone else can know all the truths that keep them in power; therefore, the great record book, the Law and Prophets, had to be hidden, but in plain sight: as it could not simply be destroyed. As, if the wrong people-people like you and I-ever understood the con being managed and it's magnificent scope, it would spell the total end for their long-lived hegemony.

What would anyone ever want to change about the Law & Prophets?

In order for one group to successfully and secretly enslave another they must remove from the enslaved their history, language, culture, and identity. This used to be done by fiat, but the people now ruling the world have learned from their disastrous errors and have opted to instead accomplish these things via compulsory education, television and now the internet, religion, virtue signaling, war, forced migration, mass gaslighting, malnutrition (in many aspects), and, of course, disinformation. But, as these people are not all-powerful, there are still remnants of what once was that cannot be destroyed, and because they knew this, they instead changed our understanding of many things‒arguably the most important alteration made was to our understanding and perceptions of The Bible..., and the Old Testament in particular.

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"Write this for
a memorial in a book."

Exodus 17:14

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